Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"X" marks the spot

The tree saga continues. We are still trying to sort out whether or not a driveway constitutes a "structure." It's clear that other parts of city code do not consider a driveway a structure, but the arborist division is special because it deals with trees. Everybody loves trees. Gary the builder loves trees, too. See, how he is putting a big X on this tree? He didn't put O's on the trees, because he could just give them a hug.

Meanwhile, the building permit has been through the building division and the zoning division. Apparently all we are waiting on now is the arborist division and the tree posting. Comcast, AT&
T and Georgia Power are all finalizing the plans to put the utilities underground. We should be getting very close to breaking ground.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is It Better to Ask Permission or Forgiveness?

You really do need a sense of humor to embark on a house building project in the City of Atlanta. Today, I was thrilled to see the tree removal sign posted on our lot. That means someone downtown is actually looking at our permit application!

I also got a big kick out of the location of the sign. They plunked the sign down right in front of a stump of a tree we had already cut down due to root rot. Now if I had thought of it, I might have staged a photo like this, but this was a found shot. It's greatly symbolic of the whole processing of dealing with City Hall, though, don't you think?

Tomorrow I get to try to convince the arborist division that this lot is undeveloped.

For some reason, even though the tree ordinance says that a new lot of record (which this is) or a lot that has been vacant and not had a structure on it for 5 years (how about never?) can use the maximum recompense for tree fees, the arbors consider this a developed lot, because it has an easement driveway on it. Go figure! But then again, look where they put the notice about removing trees. Just sayin...