Friday, March 25, 2011

Power to the People


This is what we were waiting for yesterday. 

There were no brick masons around, because they didn’t have enough brick left to do a full day’s work.


Now that they are bricking the inside of the carport/party pavilion, they are really going through the bricks.


I hope they get started on the arches today, I can’t wait to see what they are going to look like.

Earlier in the week, I whispered to Gary the Builder that I didn’t think they were putting in the weep holes the way they were supposed to.  So Gary and Jason the Mason showed me.


They are practically invisible!


They just take these clear plastic tubes and put them through the brick and you can hardly see them.  Any moisture that accumulates won’t have a chance!

And speaking of Power to the People, Georgia Power’s sub came out on Tuesday to connect the house to the transformer.


I came upon this scene as I came around the block from walking the dog.  I had missed the whole boring show.


They bored right down the bank, under the boulders and to the house.


They even pulled the cable for AT&T and Comcast without any help or prodding from me.

So, I turned my attention elsewhere.  I got busy hanging light fixtures


and picking out granite slabs


Don’t you just love these DIY places?