Friday, April 22, 2011

The Great Door Dilemma

When it came time to order doors, I knew just what I wanted.


I had seen these about in internet images and they seemed to always pop up in old house images.  I knew they would be just fabulous.  I just needed to see them in person and open and close them and feel them.

So, I went door shopping at several show rooms.  One was particularly swank.  They had this fabulous door display:


How cool is that?

I know it was meant to show the different styles and door heights (8 foot door opens to 7 foot door which opens to 6’8” door), but I couldn’t help feeling like Alice in Wonderland.  The salesman’s laugh sounded a little forced when I asked where the mushroom I was supposed to eat was. 

Ever get the feeling those salesmen are glad to see you leave?


Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, they had a whole wall of these door combos.  Arches, anyone?



It was so cool, but it would’ve been so much cooler if the doors were connected with a little tunnel so that you could go in one set and pop out of another one.  It was a bit of  a buzz kill to have a door open to a door that opened to a door that opened to … a wall.

And speaking of buzz kills, I ran my door idea past our esteemed architect, Justeen, expecting affirmation and congratulations on my great taste.  She told me very diplomatically that she thought that a two panel door would be more elegant.  When I relayed the information to Builder Gary, he started nodding his head up and down like  a bobble head doll on a dirt road.


I pouted for a while.  Then I sucked my thumb.  Then I realized that they were probably right.  I had a sneaky feeling that the five panel door would not have my enduring love.  So, I squared my shoulders and asked Gary to have the 2 panel door priced.

The doors (two panel) have now been ordered and it’s time to brace for:



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