Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rock Pas de Deux


Yesterday was  a big day! 

We finally replaced the rocks we had to move for the well and finished off the rock wall.


The first rock was too heavy for the rented skid steer.  The idea was to lift the rock, but the rock ended up lifting the tractor. 



So Builder Gary and his trusty trac hoe stabilized the situation and helped Nathan down from his “en pointe” position.



Once he could get a grip on it, Builder Gary just grabbed it and moved it over to its spot on the wall..


…and nudged it into position…


…with a little help from Nathan.  It was like a dance.


A ballet.  Complete with tractors on tippy toe.



The masons thought it was the craziest thing they had ever seen. 


Even the trac hoe was getting up on its toes a bit.


By the end of the day, the rocks had wound their way around the curve.  I love the rock Builder Gary placed at the end.  It had so much character.

And speaking of character, let’s talk about t-shirts and tattoos.


The masons, having finished the arches in back, had moved around to the side of the master bedroom to work on the foundation.  I started looking at this picture I snapped and reading the messages on the t-shirts.  Then I got to thinking about the tattoo that one of them has on his back (I haven’t been brave enough to snap a picture, yet).  The font (is that the correct term for tattoo lettering?) is so stylized that the words are hard to read.  At first glance I thought it said “mediocre”.  I figured that was why he was toting mortar instead of laying bricks.

But then I decided nobody would put that on his back.  So, I looked again.  Then I thought it said “Fried ???”  Jason walked by and I asked him what the tattoo said.  His guess was “Fried Okra.”

Well, who doesn’t like fried okra, but do you have it tattooed on your back?  I know some people who should have “chocolate cake” tattooed on their backsides, but they don’t.

Finally, I figured it out.  “Tried and True” was what it said. 

I think I like “Fried Okra” better.

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  1. omg Anne, I am dying laughing here!! "fried okra" or "mediocre"- I can't decide which is more hysterical!! When I first opened your blog I wondered where you lived, then I saw the rebel flag on the t-shirt and I knew;) The rebel flag "was" my high school flag (went to Robt.E.Lee in San Antonio), and I have been shocked to see so many rebel flags up here (on old pick ups)-tons more than I ever saw in the South!
    Your wall looks wonderful!! I love that end rock too. Luckily we are building walls because I find lots and lots of "favorite" rocks that I would just keep for no apparent reason in a pile (we love rocks!!) That little tippy toe is wild! I showed it to Dan, he said he's seen one but I had not.
    I have to come back to look about, but right now Dan just called that they want to place the steps down the side off the curved wall...... it's always something, yes?!!