Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Painting Myself Into a Corner

Things have been moving right along since I last posted. It has been a whirlwind of activity.


The trimmers have been trimming away.  Here’s a view complete with baseboard and door and window trim.  Try to ignore the two toned effect.

Now how about a little crown molding?


Not enough for you?  Well, here’s a little more.


Or how about this?


Now let’s add a pair of pocket doors and really get things going.


All this fancy stuff around the doors has gotten Louie’s competitive juices going.  He wants a part of the action.


Oh, wait!  This one’s a better action shot.


He’s kicked the bucket habit and is standing up here.  And you can see the interesting detail  he has been doing around the doors.  Take that, trim carpenters.

And speaking of carpenters,


The Town Carpenter, aka Gary Luke, has been busily making our cabinetry.  I stopped by for a visit last week and took a sneak peek at the cabinets for the master bath.


This is one of the vanities.  There one will be one on each side of the clawfoot tub, which will sit in this bumpout:

And on the opposite wall will be the linen press:


There will be drawers on the bottom and cabinets and open shelving below.

While I was at the cabinet shop, I pulled out a sample of my granite (actually Crystal Pearl quartzite) and started the tricky business of paint selection.


Of course what looks good in the fluorescent lights of the cabinet shop (or in the flash of the camera), might not look good in the actual room, so samples had to be brought out. and looked at on site.


This paint selection business is tricky. 

P1160880I hope I don’t end up painting myself into a corner like Ol’ Isreal did when he primed the porch floor.


  1. Linen press? Cabinetry, right? Not an actual press?

  2. Yes, cabinetry, Terry. A linen press is a piece of furniture designed to store bed linens and table linens traditionally, but in this instance, bed linens, towels, and bath supplies. I think you are thinking of a mangle, an awesome piece of machinery that irons table and bed linens with a press and a roller that you operate with your knees. Ask me how I know!