Monday, September 5, 2011

Fawning Over the Floora

Let’s start this update from the floor and go up and out.


After two weeks of being in a cool. air conditioned 73 degrees, the floor boards made their way from being everyone’s favorite lunch spot to being actual floors.


The boards were gorgeous.  Drew had quartersawn what he could and we had a selection of 3”,  4”, and 5” boards to choose from for a random pattern.


We decided to use the cleanest, knot free boards in the public rooms and save the knotty boards for the closets and pantry.


I had to laugh when I went back to check on the master bedroom.  I guess I should have told them where the bed is going, when I instructed them to use the knotty boards under the bed.


Even unfinished, the floor looks great with the morning light streaming in through the paint caked living room windows.


When it came time to choose a finish, Charles the Floor Guy got down on his knees and begged me to use tung oil.


Okay,  he’s actually putting wood filler in the dings and knots. 


But he really did want me to use tung oil.  Waterlox to be exact.

I agreed and the next thing I saw was this:


Of course I just had to peek.


Ooooh.  And down the foyer to the dining room.  Aaah.


Then I clambered up on the side porch and peeked in around the mudroom doorway from the butler’s pantry back through the kitchen and family room to the back porch.


Once it was dry, I couldn’t resist taking more shots.


Here’s the library with the bookcases partially installed.


And the knotty master bedroom floor.


I actually like the knots, too. Plus it serves me right for being a knot head.

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  1. Your floors are so gorgeous! Loving the waterlox choice --- I should have stood my ground to get waterlox vs. poly. Oh well, glad you did, it was smart! My island is waterloxed and I love it. And your bedroom, knotty, but nice! Glad to see a post, I was beginning to wonder!