Friday, November 11, 2011

Ta Da!

Yesterday was the big day!  We passed the final inspection. We got our CO, the much prized Certificate of Occupancy.


I was expecting champagne, but I was just as happy to see top soil and crape myrtles when I drove up.


That wasn’t too shabby, but having ferns amongst the boxwoods was a welcome bonus.


I missed catching Brooks Garcia positioning them all.


He had beat me to the house, and had even placed all of the hollies and hydrangeas in the back.


There was nothing left to do, but dig, and I thought I’d let the guys from Habersham Gardens do that.


And see what a fine job they did?


Brooks took the expanse of grass and the suggestion of a curve at the back of the lawn and added a pair of snowball viburnum:


Then he lined it with a needlepoint holly hedge arching around to an opening created by junipers.


Behind the hollies are limelight hydrangeas with just enough room between them to be able to walk through to the stone steps.


So, ta da! and double ta da!  What a way to celebrate a milestone!

Now we just have a few little things to finish up…

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