Sunday, September 26, 2010

Filling Station

What a wonderful surprise! We were able to begin backfilling the walls a little earlier than expected.  They were going at it hammer and tongs (or trac hoe and bobcat), moving that dirt all around!

While his helper started filling in the big retaining wall for the parking area, Jason filled in the stair step part of the wall where it will slope down into the lower back yard.

I missed all the action with the "whacker packer."  I couldn't believe a tool really had that name.  I really wanted to see it in action, but by the time I got back from lunch, they were putting it away.

As the day wore on they filled the wall with more and more dirt.

Soon you could start to see where the flat spots were going to be.  This will be the grassy strip between the carport and the retaining wall that will lead to the back yard.

Some of the packing was done by "walking it in" with the bobcat and with the trac hoe.  Here the bucket is raised high in the air to increase the pressure exerted by the tractor treads.

By the end of the first day, the lower driveway was cut in and the parking area and carport were pretty much flattened out.

Early the next morning, Jason continued to shape up the driveway and the parking areas.

Meanwhile his helper made himself a dirt ramp and began to fill in behind the curved retaining wall.

Things were really starting to take shape by midday.

And the curved wall was almost full of dirt.

The end of the day was spent spreading mulch and making sure that none of the newly moved dirt would wash away in the rains we are now having.  All this rain should be great for packing down the back filled dirt and showing us any places that need to be touched up.

Next up:  the foundation walls!

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