Monday, September 27, 2010

My Bucket List

We have a little joke on the site.

Back when we were trying to find a home for the dirt, I had the bright idea to put an ad on Craigslist. 

"Free Fill Dirt -- we load you haul"

Of course, I put Gary's phone number on the ad

He had lots of people call who wanted a pick up truck full of dirt, but one woman said she wanted the dirt but could we supply a container.

"A container?" asked Gary

Something like a 5 gallon bucket was the reply.

Gary said that if times weren't so tough and profit margins so slim, he would have sent Jason down to crank up the trac hoe and load that woman's 5 gallon bucket.  They are always teasing each other -- and me --  saying we didn't pass an inspection or somebody stole the bobcat,  just trying to get a rise out of each other.

In fact, after I tested the new driveway Thursday evening, Jason blithely announced on Friday that somebody had driven up the driveway and broken one of the newly laid sewer pipes.  Of course, I confessed and protested that I was *so* careful, that I knew I didn't drive into the outline of the house.  Then I remembered that the pipes had been filled with water for the inspection and asked if there was any water leaking out.  Well, said he, the dirt was a different color right there.

Mild panic began.

I started looking for a shovel to dig up the pipe and see if it was cracked.

Then they told me.

Just kidding.

So, Jason had this one coming.

Jason came down on Saturday to move the mulch pile.  I sent out an email to all my gardening buddies telling them that we could fix them up with  truck load of mulch, but if they didn't need it would they please stop by with a 5 gallon bucket and ask Jason for some mulch?

I just happened to arrive as one of my good friends and neighbors approached with her bucket.

I hid in the bushes and snapped pictures while I laughed uncontrollably.

Jason graciously filled the bucket.

She played the part beautifully, standing back and giving him a thumbs up before she carried it back to her car.

All day long, as I loaded my wheelbarrow and mulched around the quince bushes, friends came with buckets, recycling bins, boxes, and paper bags.  The mulch is so good that some people came back twice!

I think I'm on Jason's list now.

But not his bucket list -- the other one.

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