Friday, October 1, 2010

A Fulfilling Day


I finally got my wish to see the whacker packer in action today.  Jason had brought down two new fellows to hold onto the thing while it whacked and packed.


I guess it wasn’t meant to be, though, because soon after I started watching, it broke.  Or from Jason’s perspective “They tore it up.”  Luckily, the were almost through and the bobcat could finish the packing














Meanwhile, Tinker was up on the bank digging out where the master suite will go.  The efficiency of Gary’s plan became apparent.  Rather than moving the dirt twice, Tinker just scooped the dirt from where we didn’t want it….


right into the void beside the foundation wall where we did want it.  Naturally, I had to get a closer look:


(so did Jason)

Scoop and drop…


…and another scoop…



I was having fun until Tinker undercut the bank a bit too much and started to slide down toward me.


I still haven’t decided if he made a mistake or if it was an attack on the paparazzi.

At any rate, it was a very fulfilling day – or at least a filling day – and we even had a visit from a very distinguished visitor.


Anybody recognize him?  Isn’t he famous or something?

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