Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rocking Out


It all started with this.

Actually, it all started with moving the mulch pile and revealing the drop off next to my soon to be next door neighbors driveway.

Then we bought this boulder and others for a temporary barrier, thinking we could use them later in landscaping – maybe even a fabulous wall like those I saw while visiting an amazing garden in Alabama:


So, this is probably where it all began.

Then Gary saw this:


What’s a girl to do? If you want a rock wall and a rock yard is having a 50% off sale, it’s time for a field trip!

Happily one of my favorite rock experts came along to guide me. If you are ever in this situation and you have a friend who buys herself boulders for her birthday, you know who to take on the field trip. Gary stopped by to approve our selections (and add a few tons to the pile) and before we knew it, we had a flat bed truck bringing boulders!


It was so exciting!

Then it was time to unload and start making a wall.

Heath got the fork lift and unloaded.P1120821

And Gary got his bobcat and start positioning them.


And my favorite rock star supervised:


She looks diminutive among all those boulders, but believe me, this lady really rocks! I am so fortunate to have her help in this endeavor.


By the end of the day, we had placed about as many rocks as we could without fetching the last load from the rock yard.


Using the forklift and the bobcat, each rock was wrestled over to the wall and nestled into position.


Can you see where we’re headed with it?


By the time we back fill and grade the bank down to the rocks, get ferns growing in the cracks and moss on the surface, with cascading plants spilling over the top, it might even look like this:

crop of rock wall copy

At least that’s the inspiration for all this craziness.

I guess it remains to be seen if the final product rocks or if it’s totally stoned.

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  1. Looks great! I drove by your lot yesterday. Quite a bit of activity!