Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From Slab to Drab–or How to Dress Your Dirt


One of the things Jason did when he finished up the grading last week was to spread a nice clean layer of gravel over the foundation. It looked so pure and nice, and you could see the outline of where the house was going to be.


Then they brought it the extreme makeover crew and changed the look dramatically!


First they dug trenches where the load bearing walls will go, then they draped the gravel strewn dirt with sleek black plastic.


Then to accessorize the look , they added rebar on those nifty little wire gizmos, which I have learned are called “rod chairs.”

Don’t you wish you had thought up “rod chairs?” What a nifty and ubiquitous gadget. Just think. Everywhere a rebar reinforced slab or footer is poured, “rod chairs” are used. Meanwhile the inventor is sitting in his arm chair feeling pretty darn smug about those rod chairs.


Here’s a shot that shows a good before and after. The bedroom slab has not had it’s plastic surgery, and beyond is the transformed basement. What do you think? Is it an improvement?

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