Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cabinet Meeting

A few weeks back the cabinets started to arrive.  Some of the cabinets need to wait for the hardwood floors, but some, like the perimeter cabinets in the kitchen, can sit on plywood of the same thickness.  So The Town Carpenter started installing those.


First came the sink wall.  I was anxious so see how the apron front sink would look, so I was very excited to see it and how well it fit.


Then I had to pull out the granite sample to see how we had done with the paint color, sink and granite.


I think it’s going to work well.

Last week the counter top fabricator came by to make the templates for cutting the granite.


It didn’t look too hard.  You lay the lathe strips out, you square everything out, cut them to length and hot glue the whole business together.


Then you carry the little frames back to the shop and cut the granite to fit.

It gave us a measure of comfort.  Especially since Builder Gary nearly had a heart attack when he went to check on the fabricator the previous week.  We had chosen a close by shop so that we could run by to see the templating and cutting progress.  Gary couldn’t get the guy on the phone, so he just drove down there to talk to him. 

The building was empty.

No granite.  No saws.  No forklifts.

No forwarding address.

Has anyone ever bought a life insurance policy on their builder? I don’t think I can finish this house alone, and I don’t think Gary can take another day like that.

But, Gary finally got the granite guy on the phone and found out that their building had been sold, so they had moved ….

across town (sigh).

The good news is that he moved into the same neighborhood as the cabinetmaker, so we can visit both at once.

And speaking of the cabinet maker, back to the kitchen cabinets.

Opposite the sink wall is the fridge wall.  We will have a freezer on the left and a refrigerator on the right. 


But wait!  We will have upper cabinets between the two, also.


And here's a shot that shows the whole kitchen, including the range wall.  The cabinets that are painted on the inside will have glass doors.  The ones with wood on the inside will have solid doors.


Meanwhile, the little snack kitchen area down in the basement was feeling left out.  So the cabinets I had bought and stored in a U-Haul pod started shouting,

“Put me in, Coach!”

So, Coach Nathan and Coach Allan went to work:


And just to one up the upstairs kitchen, they took it all the way to counters.


Pretty spiffy, huh?


In fact, Coaches Nathan and Allan also took the upstairs laundry room cabinets all the way to counters, too.


And while they were at it, they fixed up the “infirmary” where we will store all of the diabetes supplies and other medicines and vitamins.


But, The Town Carpenter had an answer for all this activity. 

The master bath linen press and


the vanities.


I pulled out the faucets for the vanities and the granite sample to see how it will look.  I had to decide whether I wanted the granite honed or polished.


The granite sample is polished on the left and honed on the right.  The beadboard will be the color of the cabinets.  What do you think?  Shiny or matte?  Polished or honed?

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