Monday, July 25, 2011

A Home Coming

Back in early July, we were getting ready for a home coming.  We had the guys from Premier Heating & Air come out and fire up the geothermal system and get the air conditioning going.


I’m glad they know where all those wires go!


And then on the Tuesday after Independence Day, our trees

came home as floor boards.


With the green paraffin sealed ends still in place.


I think they are going to be beautiful.

Some boards have more of the flakes than others.



Some are positively rustic.


And some are so clean they look store bought.


We tested the moisture content. The boards were between 12 and 16%. They need to be below 10% before we lay them. So the air conditioning continues to cool and dry the house and the flooring.


I’m so happy that we were able to make this happen. Using the trees we had to remove to build for flooring was really important to me. It’s kind of like The Giving Tree only with a whole family of trees.

Like families, though, I’m sure some of the trees are more giving than others.  Some are undoubtedly unhappy about the way things turned out and will complain when we step on them.  Some will glow with serene beauty, some will be attention getting, and some will go dark and brood in a corner. 

We’ll be delighted to have them all back home.

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