Thursday, December 2, 2010

Movin’ on Up!


Rain, rain, go away!  We have had so much rain while we were trying to get this faming done!  Still, they’ve been progressing slowly.


You can almost see the view that we will have from the screen porch.  I think it will be like  a tree house.  We’ll really be up in the air!


From the back the house is starting to take shape.  Every day brings a few more changes.


So many boards everywhere!  It’s hard to tell what’s going on.  In fact, it’s utter chaos. 

Imagine that.  Utter chaos in our house?!


The house is getting some clothes on as they sheath it with plywood.  The sheathing adds some rigidity as they continue to move on up. The idea is to get all the structural walls up and get the roof on as quickly as possible.  Then they can come back and finish up the details under shelter.


When I arrived today, they already had the exterior wall of our master suite underway.


As I stood there shivering in the cold, I noticed a slight problem.

Anyone else notice that they have framed around a 10ft tall pipe?  How on earth would they stand the wall up?

Well, since I’ve been around so much, I knew that the extra length was added for the inspection when the inspector wanted 10 feet of water in the pipes to make sure there were no leaks.  So, I told the head framer to cut it off.

But wait!

Let’s call builder Gary just to be sure.  Builder Gary said it was fine to cut it off, so it was done.  Only…

Did I mention that there was 10 feet of water in the pipe?


After I stopped laughing and hung up the phone with Builder Gary, I remembered that I had my camera.  I didn’t have the heart to take picture of the now soaked framer, so I just snapped the last of the fountain.


After that it was easy to raise the wall. 


I noticed that the AT&T guys were back on the job, so I walked back to check on them, taking a few pictures along the way. 

They have begun to frame the party/parking pavilion that will be under the screen porch.  I can’t wait to see it with brick arches.


And from the top of the curved retaining wall, you get a sense of the way the house will frame the back yard.


More brick arches will go in these openings.


By afternoon, they had the master suite mostly framed.


Just in time for another load of trusses. So …


Up on top of the first floor they went to lay the ground work for the second floor.  Talk about upward mobility!


I can’t wait to see the next bit go up!

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  1. Water features are going up early. We had Sheer Chaos at our place. Can you get utter chaos off you shoes if you step in it?