Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Steel Yourself


Monday brought the welding crew out to make the steel moment frame for the end of the porch.  It was really exciting.  I did have a moment’s pause (heh, heh) about whether or not it was okay to look at a welding torch through a camera lens.


Manpower was enough for the posts on the lower level: two to carry and three to raise it in to position.


But the steel I-beam to go across the top needed a little more oomph.  On solid ground, 3 men might have been able to carry it, but stepping from floor joist to floor joist and trying to position it just right on top of the posts seemed a bit much to ask.

So, we had to wait a moment until a crane could be brought in to do the heavy lifting.


The crane lowered the beam right into place and away they went with the welding torch:


Meanwhile, nobody asked this guy if he’d like a little help from a crane.


I’d really have to steel myself to go up there, especially with the sleet that was accumulating that day.


These guys are fearless, though. 

Now the roof work is mostly done and the framers are winding it up. 


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