Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Peak Experience


Everyone has told me that the framing is the most exciting part.  They were right!  It is so exciting to watch the house spring out of the ground.


Seeing each new part is so exciting.  The roof rafters really give the structure definition.


I was fascinated by the way they built little ladders to climb up and set the ridge pole on.


For the architects, this was a few pencil lines connecting these rooflines.  For the framers, it’s a high wire act.


From the view of the neighbors’ driveway, the house really does seem to just be growing in the ground.  I don’t think we need to worry about headlights in the master suite from this driveway unless we’re sleeping in the attic.


By yesterday evening, they had the rafters mostly in place, but the center section was bristling with lumber ready to go up on the roof.


The back was starting to take shape, too.


I’m so happy to have this magnolia there framing the master suite.


And here you can see the magnolia out of the living room windows.


Just for good measure, we left a magnolia at the entrance that hides the master suite quite nicely.



I really like the bump out in the master bathroom.  There’s a story there.  I think I’ll tell it tomorrow. 


See how well it balances the bump out in the dining room?

All those rafters kind of look like hair, don’t they?  They give the house a lot of personality!


Meanwhile back at the Bat Cave… okay, so it’s just the garage.  But, anyway they’ve got the gable end over the breakfast area framed out.


P1130467 Oh, and look ! Up in darling daughter’s bathroom, there is a window framed out.  Guess what?  There’s a story there, too.  In fact it’s part of the same story as the master bathroom. Stay tuned.

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