Monday, February 7, 2011

The Heat is On


Now that the plumber has finished plumbing, the heating and air conditioning guys have taken over the house.


And it looks like they are gearing up for a party!


Cases of duct tape,


Funny hats that look like heat registers,


shiny funny hats for the R2D2 look,


a complete R2D2 costume,


and a few miles of flex duct coiled up like a python in a cage.


But, seriously, as fascinating as all these shapes and gadgets are, they are here to do a job.  This is a supply trunk for one of the zones of our system.  It will be attached to:


The trusty water furnace …


… just like its mate here.


The guys were working really hard to tuck the air returns into inconspicuous places and make a tidy job of it.

But we had another “oops.”


Somewhere between having a basement under the master suite and changing to a slab to save space and money, the HVAC access got lost.  The master suite is a little small to get a unit of its own, and the attics don’t line up to give attic to attic access, so we had to punt.  We had to bring the supply and return up through the floor of the library and tip it over into one of the master closets.  It’s not much of a trespass – just 10 inches high and about 30 inches long.  We’ll just have to have bookshelves on that wall, too, and let the duct work hide in the base of the bookshelves.


Meanwhile, back upstairs, the guys had been really busy.


They had laid this water furnace on its side and suspended it from the roof rafters for a quiet ride. 


It made me think of the hanging bed on the porch. 

Does that make this a hanging water bed? 

Let’s not go there.


At any rate, with all the “arms” coming out all over the place, it looked like a science fiction octopus – that lives in the attic.

You know, when we were little, my big sister used to flip out if we locked her in the attic.  It was about the only way I could intimidate her.  And we didn’t even have a beast in the attic.

Just a thought.

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