Friday, February 4, 2011

Planting for the Future

Last weekend we went to an amazing event.  The Habitat Restore had a plant sale.  Apparently the Georgia Green Industry Association had their Winter Show, and some of the exhibitors donated their displays instead of shipping them back home.

When we got down there and walked in the door ten minutes after it started, most of the plants were already marked “sold.”  It was like Filene’s basement for plants.  I grabbed hold of a huge cryptomeria and sent my better half in search of someone to tag it for us.  Just after we had it tagged, a man who had gone in search of someone to tag it for him came back and got upset that it was already sold.


We also picked up several magnolias. This is the Bracken Brown Beauty, I believe.


We took it and the cryptomeria for a first load, and then came back for the rest.


I think this one was worth getting out of the bed for, don’t you?  At first we placed them out of the way,


and then we decided to put them where we thought we would plant them.  Here are a holly and a Teddy Bear magnolia.


The Teddy Bear gets his name from the brown fuzzy backs of the leaves.


I have no idea what kind of holly this is.  Can you identify it?


Although the weather was great for planting last Saturday, I didn’t relish the idea of digging 5 holes big enough for those *large* trees, so I begged Builder Gary to bring his little trac hoe down again.


The beagle had grand ideas about leading the charge on the digging.


Look at her showing Gary the sticks forming an “X” where my favorite rock star suggested we plant the magnolia.


After we got the first two magnolias planted, I was giving my favorite rock star a tour of the house when we looked out the window and saw Builder Gary heading up the hill carrying the cryptomeria like a puppy.


Do you have any idea how much easier it is to do it this way?  The little cryptomeria already in place was our Christmas tree this year, and it was incredibly difficult to plant on that hill.


The little tractor looked like a plant eating prehistoric beast ready to take a bite.


But it was just resting while we got the pot off of the root ball.


Over to the hole it went, and frantic soil amending and back filling commenced.  The rock star couldn’t help herself and got right in there, making a berm around the base to be sure the rain water would stay and soak in.  She went home completely covered in mud. I really appreciate her effort.  Later the view from the window was very nice (pardon the reflection on the glass).


The Habitat Restore’s Tree Blast was certainly a blast for us!  We got to help a worthy cause and begin planting for the future.

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