Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Potty Talk

There’s been a lot of potty talk going on the past few weeks. Some of it was about plumbing. Some of it was about plumbers. The snow and ice really set us back. The plumbers kept having to go on emergency calls.

Imagine the audacity of going to the aid of someone with burst or frozen pipes when I need to get my house plumbed. Hummph! They were always coming “tomorrow”, but we all know that tomorrow never comes. And every time they came, they said they were going to stay until it was finished.


This was my touchstone. Even if the pipes in the walls had multiplied, I knew that the plumbing wasn’t complete when I walked in and saw the bathtub in the living room.


We had bathtubs in the kids’ bathrooms,P1140235


complete with pipes and dirty water.


We had pipes, valves and drains in the master shower,


and we had a few assembled random valve and pipe bits lying about like abandoned Tinker Toy projects, but while the bathtub sat in the living room, the job wasn’t done.

The other quick check I had was the off center potty in the master suite. Finally, I walked in and saw what I wanted to see:


I really wanted to get some action shots of them using the jackhammer on the slab to reposition the pipe, but I had to settle for photos the aftermath.


I think I know why they call it rough in plumbing.

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