Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeling Groovy


I was away on adventures with Builder Gary today and didn’t get down to the house until after lunch – excuse me, I should say dinner.  When I got there, I looked out the living room window and saw that the framers were roofing the little porchlet.


They had the main porch all finished and felted.  The roof on the house didn’t get felt. We used a new product called Zip Loc that was decking and felt all in one product.  But since we used the groovy boards on the porch, felt was called for.


The area outside the French door will be a grilling deck for my gas grill and Big Green Egg.  So convenient – just outside the kitchen!The little porchlet will house a hanging bed.


Here’s one from my inspiration file.  I think we are going to get some good reading (and napping) done out there!


I trudged on out in the back yard to get the full effect.  Here you can see why we wanted to keep the gable end and the window.  It just goes with the rest of the house.


Zooming in a bit you can see the openings where the french doors and fire place will be.  We don’t want to put those doors in until the chimney is built.  It would be bad – really bad- to drop a brick on one.


Jogging back up onto the porch, you can see the opening to the hobbit hole attic.  That is where the chimney will be.  There will be a brick chimney all the way up and out the roof on the porch side.  The framers went ahead and roofed over the opening for the chimney to keep the rain out until the chimney is built.  You’ll notice that there are no rafters, just the roof decking.


This is the end of the story of the groovy roof decking. (With a little groovy mood lighting courtesy of sunlight filtering through the felt.

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  1. I'm big on gables. We kept our porch's north facing gable open but not groovy. Ours isn't as tall as yours though. Brings in a lot more light and improves the view from the porch and particularly from the inside of the house.