Sunday, January 16, 2011

Plumb Tickled


I was plumb tickled to see the plumbers brave the slick roads on Saturday and continue the rough in plumbing.



They were hard at work, measuring, drilling holes and spreading the purple wonder stuff all over the pipes.  The plumber with the tape measure (another Jason) is my new best friend.

He told me that when he won the lottery on Saturday night, he was going to buy the plans off of me and get Builder Gary to build him this house.  He absolutely loves it.  That makes two of us!


The other thing these guys absolutely love is the open web trusses.  It sure does make their job easier.  The way they shook their heads over having to drill through the occasional beam, I don’t know what they would have done if they had had to drill through every single joist.


Before long they had bathrooms stubbed,


laundry rooms stubbed,


ran the vent pipes up,


and victoriously out through the roof.


Meanwhile, Jason the Mason’s sample wall bit the dust when the house wrap went up.  Kinda made me think of Jericho. 

Only without the trumpets.

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