Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Harry Potter and Hobbits Welcome Here


I was so delighted to see a door framed under the stair beside the lower entrance.  Not only do I hate wasted space, I want to be hospitable if Harry Potter should stop in for a spell. 

It also brings back great memories.  In the house I grew up in, we had a coat closet in the front hall that went all the way back under the stairs, under the landing and had a little window at ground level back there.  I have no idea why the builder put a window in a closet and behind the shrubbery, but I do know we loved it. 

It was such a neat place to hang out, play, escape from the world, and –most importantly- escape from baby sitters we didn’t like.  One of us would go hide in there and then the others would go “look” for the missing sibling until we were all in there, stifling the giggles while we listened to the panic struck sitter calling us and trying to find us.  Oh, those were the days. My kids are too old for sitters now, but they’re getting a secret space.


Or more specifically dear daughter is.  In the back of her bedroom is a hobbit hole door that leads to this attic space.


It has a little window (and no, it’s not ground level just floor level), which will make it a great place for her to set up her easel and spread out her paints.


Looking back, you can see the door into her closet and the room beyond.  What a fun hidey hole and a great sanctuary!  The beagle approves.


Since we didn’t anyone feeling left out, we stole some space under the eaves and some space from the linen closet and gave son #3 a really cool closet.  This will give him room to put his dresser in the closet and free up some floor space in his room.

All we need now is a secret passageway.

Or maybe we already have one and we’re just not telling.  If we did, it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?

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