Saturday, January 22, 2011

Arch Nemesis


When the framers started making the arches back before the snow, they ran into a little problem.  As you can see here, the arches didn’t match up.

The problem arose from the arches that serve as the car entrance into the carport being wider than the other arches.  They didn’t realize what this meant until they worked around to the arch that sat beside the car entrance arch.  Ooops!


So we began a pow wow over how to fix the problem.  Do you make each arch have the same height and end point and let the radius be whatever it needs to be or do you keep the radius constant and shift the arch up and down until the edges match?


Plus we decided to let the brick be inside and outside of the carport, so we had to widen the openings to allow for the width of the brick. So, we had to erase and start over again on the arches. 


We also decided to close up the rectangular opening.


Our esteemed architects, Denise and Justeen,  pointed out that it was important for the radius to be the same so that when you looked through it, you saw the same curve.  And so we did.


I can’t wait to see it all done in brick!

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