Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drawing a Line in the Clay

Tuesday saw the last of the dump trucks. 

20 more loads with a bit set to the side for saftety, and the basement was dug.
There were a few interesting rock layers in the dirt, but no really big rocks.
One worry I had was that we would hit a big granite outcropping when digging the basement.
We had almost no rock.  We all guessed that would be the case, given the size of the trees we removed. But still, I had the nagging worry of what to do with a big granite blob in the middle of the basement.
No more worrying about that! Whew!
The footer guys came out yesterday and staked out the footers for the basement.  They had a reference stake on the front yard to measure everything off of.  The stake was the surveying equivalent of Greenwich Mean Time for our lot.  Here they are pulling a measurement off of GMT.
They had this enormously tall level to make sure they didn't get erroneous measurements.  The fellow with the level would make sure all the bubbles were centered and then the fellow at GMT would tell him how much to move the level to achieve the correct distance.  Such clever tools!
By the end of the day, they had staked out where the footers need to be.  Now we just have to get our surveyor back out to make absolutely certain we are where we think we are and don't have any walls in the set back.

You've got to start off on a good footing, afer all.

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