Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Putting One Footer in Front of Another

Building materials!

It was exciting to see rebar and lumber on the lot on Monday.  That was surely a sign of big things about to happen.

I peered down in the hole and saw plans being consulted,

and stakes being caefully measured and placed.

Tuesday morning things were really a flurry of activity.
Jason was back, rearranging a bit of dirt, the outline of the house was nearly complete and the footers were being dug out.

Parts of the scene looked a bit like an archaeological dig.

I didn't know that they would stair step the retaining walls.  I thought they would follow the slope.  Apparently this is a better method.  I guess it is stronger if all the force vectors are pointing straight down with no horizonal component encouraging the wall to slide on down the hill.

All these trenches looked so much like a maze that I found myself yearning for a couple of little boys, a minotaur toy and a ball of string.

Today there will be more digging and then they'll begin to put in the rebar.  I thought the concrete would go in once the footings were dug, but there is a lot more work to do. Also the first structural inspection has to happen.  The prep work has to be inspected before the concrete can be poured.

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