Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where's the Beef?

Friday morning I went to the lot and did a pre-inspection inspection.  I saw that the wall forms were now complete, except for the panels removed so that the inspector could see all the gorgeous rebar.
And it really was something to behold.

Notice how this tall wall has double duty rebar both vertically and horizontally, but

this short section has but one layer.

It was while looking at this short section of wall that I began to wonder.

I wondered how they would stop the flow of concrete once they filled up the lowest step?

Everyone knows that all kinds of stuff flows down hill. 
Doesn't it stand to reason that the concrete will come down and just keep on coming?  I don't see a lid on this lowest step, do you?

Well, soon enough the inspector came -- and left -- and then the pumper truck arrived.
They started pumping concrete in right here in the corner.
Then they waited for it to trickle down.   It was like Reaganomics only hopefully it'll last longer.
The crew was ready.  I was still unsure what they were ready for.  How were they going to stop the flow?
"Preserved Killick" here has gotten his beefy mates to put a board atop the lowest step and stand on it. 
But wait!
He's giving a hand signal.
I've politely ignored some of the hand signals I've seen on the job site, but I have picked up that the closed fist means stop pumping concrete.  I guess the guys didn't eat enough breakfast.
At any rate, they moved around the corner to work on the next section while the concrete set up.
Only the concrete wasn't the only thing setting.
The two thoughts I had were:
1. I know a couple of people who would be great at this job.
2.  I think I've just found the answer to the question,
"Where's the beef?"

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  1. Is this the retaining wall?

    How is the progress on the foundation going?