Thursday, February 4, 2010

Change You Can Believe In

Change is coming. You'd better believe it. I headed out last weekend when the weather was fine to take some "before" pictures. It will be months before we break ground, but small changes will be happening, and I wanted to capture the lot as it is.

These oak trees will make the ultimate sacrifice. After standing so tall and proud for so many years, they will fall victim to progress. At least they won't be chipped or burned or put in a landfill. We will be able to memorialize them and give them a home coming by turning them into our floor boards. I've been told that we may run across a horse shoe or some old hooks for tying up horses imbedded in the trees over the years. That will certainly add some character to the floors!
I wonder if the beagle is warning the woodland creatures. Probably not. I do feel sad for the snakes and chipmunks and other critters whose lives will be so disrupted. I hope they'll all find new homes!

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