Thursday, February 11, 2010

Studying for the Soil Test

I had my soil test today and I forgot to study.
That was okay, because my professor of soil was prepared.

Here he is with his amazing four wheeler soil tester.

This bad boy has a GPS system mounted on the back so he can mark the spots he tested on our topo. How cool is that?

Professor Joe made this rig himself. He welded the drill to the back. He just toodles around to the next spot and drills down.

Now he asks the dirt sample hard questions like, "What is the capital of Yugoslavia?"

Not really. He just looks at it and makes sure it is suitable for a septic tank drain field.

I'm left wondering, though... is getting The Golden Shovel Award on a soil test a good thing?

Oh, well, as long as we pass, I guess I can let that be one of life's great unsolved mysteries.


  1. Haven't look at your blog for a few weeks but WOW. Having taken lots of soil samples, this guy is cheating!!

  2. If you're really nice, Elizabeth, I'll introduce you to Joe and maybe he'll let you use his groovy 4-wheeler.