Monday, February 8, 2010

Out On a Limb

The fine guys from Odd Job really went out on a limb for me today.
I don't think you could pay me enough money to do this job.

Although on a beautiful day like today with such a blue sky, it might be kind of fun to scamper into the tree tops and pretend to be a bird. A very large, destructive, tree eating bird. Maybe a wood pecker on steroids.

Just look at the "rooster tail" of sawdust. Woody Woodpecker, eat my dust!

They had some amazing equipment out there today.

This arrangement made me think of the blocks of wood and ingenious devices that we inherited from our fine brother-in-law when we bought his pop up camper. We always called them "Kemperisms." Now *this* is a Kemperism.

The one sad note was that when they began working on this tree, it's inhabitant flew out to see what was afoot.

"Whoo do you think you are?!!"

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