Thursday, May 6, 2010

All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go

What a pity we weren't dressing up the lot like this near Halloween! What a glorious extravaganza of orange and black! What a pity we can't get the inspectors to come to our party and bask in our glory! Have you ever thrown a party that nobody came to?

Now things are beginning to take shape. You can begin to see where the new driveway will be. Here it is looking up from the street. The black silt fencing is nestled snug to the ground with the ivy all dug away. That way no mud can wash below the silt fence. The stylish orange fencing is the tree protection. I can't imagine that it offers much protection except that the bulldozer operators stop to stare at its orange beauty and don't run into the trees.
Hopefully, tomorrow we'll get an inpector to come and have a look at the beautiful Halloween themed fencing. I hope they like what we (I'm using "we" kind of loosely here) have done. Then if we can just get some instruction on how the driveway apron needs to meet the street we'll be ready to crank up a bulldozer.

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