Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hauling Asphalt

When I arrived this morning the first load of asphalt had been hauled away to the dump and they were hard at work getting the rest of it up so that the grading could begin.
Builder Gary and J. the grader were having a meeting in their "Pickens County Conference Room."  I think they got things figured out, because it all turned out so well.

This bad boy here was hungry for asphalt, I'll tell you that!

But he had competition, and I got to watch the "battle of the asphalt eating beasts" for a while.  It was almost as good as a tractor pull -- but more expensive.

Then just when we didn't think we could have any more fun, the guys from Georgia Power showed up.  Here you can see they have correctly identified a power pole.  Now they just have to get the power from the pole under the ground and to everyone's houses.  After they left, the AT&T guy came.  He completely missed the party.  I felt sorry for him, so I walked him around and made him feel welcome.  So, now we wait for the boring and then the "joint trench" party can begin.

They call this hauling asphalt.  Nobody is moving very fast, though.  Maybe that's where the fault comes in.

That neccessitated a meeting of the local transit authority (get it? transit? he's holding one?).

And now as you can see in the before and after photos, we have flattened out the hump -- not completely and not as much as we had envisioned, but it is one good looking driveway now. And so we'll drive on down the road to the next adventure!

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