Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Get the Party Started!

Nothing much happened today while we waited for the boring contractor to be available.  But when I drove by in the late afternoon, I saw orange streamers to match the orange fencing.  Whoopee!  Party decorations!  For one sinking moment I thought that maybe the gas company was updating the pipes again, because I saw this:

But then I realized that this was no ordinary ditch witch.  No, this one has loads of pipe on the side, like a drilling rig.  In fact it is a drilling rig, but for some reason they think sideways drilling is boring and so that's what the call it:  boring.
When you put all these pipes end to end like tinker toys or soda straws, you can put a lot of that awesome orange pipe in the resulting hole.  Just look at all the pipes you can attach your drill bit to.
And then I saw the cockpit on this rig. 
I was thinking that I could be a ditch witch if they would let me fly this.  Then I look over and spotted the logo on the thing.  Have you ever seen a ditch witch logo?

Are you sure you want to?

It's not too late to turn back while you still have your innocence.

Suddenly, I didn't want to be in the cockpit of the ditch witch any more. 
Are they for real? 
And didn't they steal that image from a set of mud flaps anyway? 
And what is it about heavy machinery and shapely female silhouettes
I don't think Intel has a logo like that, do you? 
Apple certainly could have one and play up the whole Adam and Eve thing, but do they? 
I think not!  I think there is a doctoral thesis in here somewhere, don't you? 
What does it mean?
 Freud anyone?

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