Monday, May 24, 2010

The Next Bit

Here, as promised, is the next bit.
I was only able to get this shot because the boring guys had to reverse their bore and start over today.  If you reverse boring, does it get interesting? 
 What was interesting as I came out this morning and checked out the progress was this:

Here's the boring guy, measuring how deep they are boring and marking the path of the tunnel through which the power will one day run.  Looks good.

Until you realize that he is in the future front yard.
Having a power cable buried 6 feet deep across your front yard kinda cramps your style.  There are all kinds of things you can't do in a yard with a high voltage power cable buried in it.  For example, it's really tough to bury dead bodies in a yard like that.  It's also kinda dicey to drill a well for water or for geothermal energy.  Even planting a large tree gets interesting.

So, they backed up the boring machine and tried again.
So far, so good.  They'll finish it up tomorrow and turn it over to the guys who will set the transformer. Then we will begin the agonizing waiting game of "please get your utilities off of this power pole, so we can take it down."

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