Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can you dig it?



Arriving at the lot today, I noticed how beautiful the leaves looked.  Then I saw a pile of dirt and caution tape.  Am I the only one who hears the siren song of caution tape?  It beckons me to see what I am supposed to be cautious of.



In this case the geothermal guys had dug connecting trenches to tie together the loops for the system.



Each well was excavated so that the whole grid is buried well below the reach of beagles and ambitious gardeners.


Tomorrow they will be drilling a hole through this basement wall to bring it all back into the mechanical room.



Meanwhile at the back of the lot, Nathan and Allan had dug out the hickory tree and started making the tree well.



By the time it was finished and got a sprinkling of hay on top, I thought it looked really great.  Can I say it?  Oh, why not? You can’t hit me through the computer…. It was *well* done.



Now in the day late and a dollar short department, AT&T finally sent out a crew to bury my esteemed neighbors’ phone lines.  I couldn’t imagine why it took them 6 months to come out until I took this shot.

They were waiting until the leaves matched their safety vests.

Yeah, I can dig it.

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