Friday, November 12, 2010

Tearing up the Pea Patch


One of the guys from Geothermal Solutions  made a crack that there was one corner of the front yard that they hadn’t dug up and made a mess of. 


He offered to rectify the situation, but we turned him down.


It’s been fun, though, watching the system come together.  Here they have about half of the tubing in that ties all the loops together.


They dug up the old power line, which gave them a moments pause.


They also dug down and drilled holes into the foundation wall to put the loop into the mechanical room.


Because they are nice guys, they drilled three extra holes for electric and water to come into the house.


I was asked if I wanted to keep the concrete cores they drilled out.  I’m really not very crafty.  Anyone else have a need for concrete cylinders?


I noticed that these holes are not labeled “in” and “out” like the septic tank.  I suppose its not as critical in this situation.


They wrestled the pipes around and cleaned up the bottom edges of the trenches out so that the pipes would fit nice and flat on the bottom.


By this morning, it was all done and they were ready to bury it back in the ground.


They tried out a few bobcat stunts when they were scooping the dirt back in.  Don’t try this at home, kids.


When they got the trenches about half way filled and whacker packered down, they let Cory hold the “dumb” end of the tape measure while the other guys measured and made me a treasure map of my front yard.



Meanwhile, a little closer to the street, the drilling rig was back at it.


This time the goal was a water well and I suddenly realized that each rod that disappeared into the ground represented about $200.


Rod after rod went down, but after 25 feet, they hit rock, which was a good sign. 

When I came back in the afternoon, I saw what I wanted to see:


At 240 feet, they hit water.  They drilled another 100 feet and I think we are done. We should have plenty of water for irrigation with what we have.

Now we can tidy up the front yard and get down to framing!

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  1. Good grief! Even your pea patch post puns. Your entendres have double entendres. On to framing I hope.