Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I’ve Been Framed!

It’s so exciting to see the house spring up above the ground!

Yesterday morning, while I was making breakfast and lunches and getting everyone launched, Jason came down and cleaned up the lot, hauling away the tree trunks we didn’t need for firewood, tidying up the dirt piles, and spreading gravel. And the floor joists or trusses arrived. It was all done by the time I made it down to the lot.


Consulting their plan, the framers made short work of putting the trusses in place.


I was reminded of the Exploratorium packet that I did with my oldest many years ago called “Surprising Structures". One of the experiments was called “Tricky Triangles” and was focused on teaching kids that a triangle is the strongest structure.


I hope that means that our floors won’t bounce when my 6’4” boy bounces up and down when supper is ready.


The trusses looked so awesome spanning the first floor.


They were all labeled according to where they go in the house, and were labeled front, top, and so forth. I wonder what happens if they put one upside down? Let’s not find out!


They had real assembly line system going and the floor just grew as I watched. It was amazing!


By the end of the day, they were all trussed out and ready for:


When I arrived this morning, I was totally floored. Quite literally. They had the subfloor down and were getting their marching orders for the walls on the second floor.


I couldn’t resist walking out on it when they had their lunch break and checking out the view from the living room window. So pretty! I’m really glad we kept that big hickory.


And I’m glad I can look down from the breakfast area and check on things in the Band Room. Gotta keep an eye on those musicians!


While I was walking around, I noticed a creaky floorboard. I bounced around on it, scrutinized it, purposefully walked on every single sheet of subfloor, came back to it, studied it some more and frowned. I think the framing crew, whom I couldn’t make understand yesterday that I had brought them donuts, understood that, because later in the day, it was fixed.


And look! There’s our front door! Actually you can see right through the front door and out the living roomwindow to the back. It’s almost like we planned it that way!

They got a little more done today, but I didn’t get photos before it started bucketing down rain. I can’t wait to get down there tomorrow and see their progress.

Stay tuned!


  1. Very exciting! From this point on, it is like Christmas every day when you visit the site. New things to see and examine all the time!

  2. It is like Christmas! So exciting!