Saturday, November 6, 2010

The School of Rock


My favorite rock star came back out last Saturday to get us schooled.  She studied the rocks, decided what order they should go in and labeled them.


It was like a paint by numbers kit only harder.


We did our best.  Armed with a creaky bob cat with a claw and another bobcat with a set of forks, we grappled them into place. Okay, technically I didn’t do any grappling, but I did supervise.  And I took pictures.


We did a great job, I think, but we ran out of rock.  So good old builder Gary, also known now as Gary the rock star, went and found us just enough rocks to finish the job.

I had already bought some small rocks to fill in gaps with, so we got another shipment of rocks and got back to work.P1120933

Things had gotten pretty muddy, so we had a forklift fireman’s brigade, passing the rocks from the machine that could lift them off of the truck to the one that could schlepp them through the mud.


Then it was time for a load of gravel to fill behind the rocks and some fill dirt back on top of that.


When Jason and Tinker arrived back on the scene, the back filling went a little faster.  Maybe that was because Jason wanted to be done with us once and for all.  Just look at him urging Tinker on here.


Finally, we got it done!


I can’t wait to plant it and get all sorts of things growing in it, above it and where ever.

close up of rock wall (2)


Meanwhile, everyone wants to be a rock star!


Here are Nathan and his back side seat driver making a tree well with some of the rocks.  And if we run out, another rock star has revealed his secret stash:


There are some nice ones in there amongst the bramble.


But the bramble is no match for a Kubota.


Don’t you just love a man with a tractor?

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