Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's a Stake Out!

Gary went back today and staked the back corners of the house and connected the dots for me.  It's starting to look like the outline of a house.  Of course, it also looks like a drunk laid it out with all the ins and outs.  But those are all the features that add so much (to the appeal and the cost)! 

The design team came out to have a look and give everything their blessing. 

They compared the plans to the stakes, marveled at how different the lot looks, and took pictures.

You've already met Gary, now here is the design part of Team 3375.  On the left we have Graham Pittman, landscape architect and author of the site plan.  Then we have Denise Johnson and Justeen Oess of Justeen Oess Architects, who designed our house.  It was great to have them out on the lot and see the progress.  It looks a lot more like a house site than when they all first came out.

In the end we all decided that everything looked good, but we would shift the house two feet to the north (left looking at it from the street) to give us a little ease.  ~Why is "Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show running through my head? "It's just a step to the left..."~
This is pretty much the view from the front door back to the street right now.
And this is the view toward the front of the house.
In the background, you can see the feature that every house should have:
a dirt pile!
All you really need in life is one good friend, a dog and a dirt pile.
Anyone up for a quick game of King of the Mountain?

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  1. Wow - the lot is looking great - and huge! How much land do you have - did you tell me 2 acres?