Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Making the Grade

Today when I arrived Gary and Jason were hard at work figuring out how to make the grade. They got out the transit and the measuring tape and figured out where they needed to cut the lot down.
The enormous mulch pile in the background didn't help matters.
You see, in order to be able to move the dirt around, stake out the house and eventually dig the basement, they needed to put all that mulch somewhere. So, they piled it up between the soon to be next door neighbors' driveway and the house site:
The mulch pile is so wide that they couldn't cut it back as far as it will eventually go, but it will be enough for now.  They cut right to the edge of the pile.
It sure does look big with the mulch pile on top.  Especially with a person in front of it to give it some perspective.
We will slope down to the wall that will go here eventually, so that the wall isn't so tall.
To stake out the front corners of the house, we had a visit from a real surveyor. Here he is in transit with his transit,
which he soon set up and started consulting the plans.
With the remote control and the tripod, he kinda looks like Ansel Adams, don't you think?
He and his helper got busy setting the corners of the house.
Meanwhile, Gary and Jason were back to studying the plan, now wet from a rain shower.
And Jason's helper struck a pose:
Somebody must have let it slip that the modeling agency was bringing cute kids out again.  That would also explain Jason's fashion choices today -- or would it?
At any rate, we had a huge dirt pile in the back from cutting down the lot.  Just a photo of a mound of dirt is pretty uninspiring, but add some adorable kids, climbing and sliding, and you've got something special:
Don't you think the modelling agency sent some good ones?
I hope the agency provides Tide when they send the models out on shoots like this.
It was definitely a trac hoe bucket full of cuteness.  I couldn't have asked for anything more.

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