Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a Transformeration!

Well, the last I heard was that the company that was to set the transformer was going to try to get to it this week.  I was thrilled to drive by today and see them hard at work.  I was also sad, because I had a day full of running around and could not come take pictures.  I really wanted to see how they were going to take all of those massive cables and hook them up.  I had envisioned a wire nut the size of a Big Gulp from the 7-11.
Now I'll never know.

But, wait!
Maybe when they come back to connect the existing underground cable to the new underground cable I can see how it's done.
X marks the spot!

Maybe, just maybe, we can get all the power switched over this week.
Then next week can belong to Comcast and AT&T.
Then goodbye telephone pole!

One can hope!

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