Thursday, June 24, 2010

Order of Operations

Jason did a lot of this today.

Sometimes he consulted with his helper,
and sometimes he just sat and studied on it by himself.
I didn't really understand what the problem was.  The trees to come down were clearly marked with an X.  You don't need to study up on that.
Then I saw it:

Drew had put Math problems on some of the trees.

Jason's a pretty smart guy, so I don't think he would have trouble solving the math problems.
I think maybe he was trying to remember the order of operations. 
Which trees go first?
Mutliplication or addition?
Meanwhile, we have gotten the official mark of the construction site.
I know the workers having been inquiring daily when they would have "facilities". I think Gary found an idyllic spot for it, given the parameters he had to work with. It won't stay here long, nestled in the shade of a big oak and tucked in behind abelia and dogwood. It will have a new home a little further from the road once we get the dirt moved around to where it needs to be.

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